Breaking Out of the Money Prison

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Last night, I dreamed I was in prison. A nightmare.

That dream… hopelessly trapped in prison (I seem to remember that the thing I missed immediately was my Macbook Air….  weird) really woke me up, so to speak.

It was a dark and depressing story and I was surprised and eventually delighted when I woke up and realized that I was, in fact, in my condo in Lajitas.  This is what that felt like:

 Terlingua Sunrise

Terlingua Sunrise

That’s a picture of the sun coming up over Terlingua, Texas that I took a few mornings ago.  Sunrises like that are a big part of the reason why I live here. Click on the picture to get a big dose of sunlight. Read the rest of this entry »

Enter Diabetes Type 3

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Life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with a disease I’d never even heard of:  Diabetes Type 3.

When people ask me what I do it’s a little awkward.

Unless I’m talking to a potential consulting client I usually just say, “I write books” and leave it at that.

There are lots of ways to describe myself:  best-selling author, record producer, marketing consultant, videographer, photographer, coach, father, husband, guitar player…

And now I’ve got a new way to describe myself. I’m one of the relatively small number of people who have been diagnosed with type 3 diabetes. At the time of the diagnosis I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Read the rest of this entry »

Follow your fun!

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I have made a startling discovery: the more fun I have, the more money I make.



Here’s a fun exercise for you.

1.  Visualize something that would be fun for you to do.

2.  Go do it.

3.  Monetize it.

Here’s a story about how I’ve been using this simple strategy to fund my adventures.

When I first started hanging out in Terlingua, I met a songwriter who had written some amazing country songs. He needed a recording of those songs and I needed a break from Internet Marketing, so over the course of the next year we made his CD, “Welcome to the Badlands.”


George’s CD

I don’t believe anybody’s ever recorded a CD like we recorded this one. The vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded in my off-the-grid cabin near Terlingua, powered by the sun. We left the door open, because it was a beautiful day. Some friends came by to visit, and you can hear David and Dennis talking and the inverter humming if you isolate the vocal tracks. Read the rest of this entry »

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