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I have made a startling discovery: the more fun I have, the more money I make.



Here’s a fun exercise for you.

1.  Visualize something that would be fun for you to do.

2.  Go do it.

3.  Monetize it.

Here’s a story about how I’ve been using this simple strategy to fund my adventures.

When I first started hanging out in Terlingua, I met a songwriter who had written some amazing country songs. He needed a recording of those songs and I needed a break from Internet Marketing, so over the course of the next year we made his CD, “Welcome to the Badlands.”


George’s CD

I don’t believe anybody’s ever recorded a CD like we recorded this one. The vocals and acoustic guitar were recorded in my off-the-grid cabin near Terlingua, powered by the sun. We left the door open, because it was a beautiful day. Some friends came by to visit, and you can hear David and Dennis talking and the inverter humming if you isolate the vocal tracks. Read the rest of this entry »

So this Internet Marketer wakes up in the desert…

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So this Internet Marketer wakes up in the desert…


Today, we’re waking up (slowly) at our condo in Lajitas.  It’s about an hour from the off-the-grid cabin.

In a hurry?  The free music is over here. The music/film festival is here.

Talk about a contrast.

At the cabin, if you want water you have to haul it in. The electricity comes from the sun. The bathroom is a composting one.

The condo, on the other hand, is in the Lajitas Golf Resort. Air conditioned. Swimming pool. And history – Pancho Villa hung out in Paso Lajitas (right across the river) before the battle of Ojinaga.  Black Jack Pershing watched the border from his house… which I can see from my condo…

The old church at Lajitas

The old church at Lajitas

It’s fun to have both the cabin and the condo to play in -

At the cabin, I love the isolation of the desert. I love watching the sun rise over Nine Points Mesa, and I also love the fact that it does it at a civilized hour. The Mesa shields our cabin from the sun until about 9 am.  The sun has to climb the East side of the Mesa before it can send its message to the valley.

The sunsets in the evening can be absolutely stunning. And they’re in stereo – you can watch the sun going down in the west, or watch it reflected in the mountains to the East. Both shows are pretty amazing.

Lajitas is right on the Texas/Mexico border.

Lajitas and Paso Lajitas

Lajitas and Paso Lajitas

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Pat’s Rules for Success and Happiness #3

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Pat’s Rules for Success and Happiness #3


This is the 3rd in a series- these are my rules for Happiness and Success.  #1 is HERE, #2 is HERE.

These rules are what works for me- check out the first two for how I came up with ‘em.  I’m listing them in no particular order.

Pat’s #3 Rule for Success and Happiness

You’re responsible for your own happiness.

This is another tough one, but, in my opinion, not as tough as #2.

In a nutshell, “if something makes you feel good about yourself, do more of that.  If something makes you feel bad about yourself, stop doing it.”

Depression has been a part of my family dynamic for at least 3 generations.  My father’s father, for example, had a great job with the railroad.  He was a book-keeper- which, in the 1920′s and 1930′s was a very prestigious job.  He had an office, wore a suit, and carried a train-timing pocket watch which I still have. Read the rest of this entry »

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