When the student is ready…

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


As you know if you follow this blog, I’ve been seeking clarity.

the video interview with “The Tea Guy” is at the bottom of this page – it will eventually be in 5 parts, I’ll upload ‘em as they’re edited.

I know I’m through with the path I’ve been on and I’m curious about what my next path might look like. Of course, it’s all one path -

A decade ago, when I was a “Broke Blues Guitar Player,” I was most concerned with paying my bills. Apparently, there weren’t enough $50/night gigs near the trailer I was living in to pay for the trailer, and I recall being somewhat panicked when the trailer got repossessed.

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30 Days to Clarity Update

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I’m currently doing a 30 day lifestyle cleanse. You may want to play along.




I initially posted about what I thought I was going to do HERE.

Here’s how it’s really going.

1. Personal – Betsy and I did get married. It’s nice. I wasn’t expecting it to be any different- after all, we’ve been together for 17 years- but, surprisingly, it is a little different.

2. Health – like most Americans my age, I had high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. That’s an interesting combination because to reduce the cholesterol I need to cut out animal products: meat, cheese, eggs. To fight the diabetes I need to reduce carbohydrates. The recommended Carb diet is 24 grams or less per meal. A cheeseburger has 300 grams of Carbs.

So… that leaves vegetables and some fruit. What’s surprising to me about a veggie/vegan diet is that I’m discovering that vegetables, properly prepared, are delicious!

I’m doing a supplement regimen- Omega 3s, Niacin, multi-vitamin, C, D3, etc.

The other supplement is exercise, which I have a resistance to. Betsy and I are taking short walks daily.

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30 Days to Clarity

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Introducing the 30 Days to Clarity program.


It’s time for a change.

I’m taking the month of November off to clear my mind, clean up some messes, and make some decisions about what comes next. You’re welcome to join me, if you like. This may take longer than 30 days.

Starting today, I’m embarking on a journey – daily meditation, exercise, diet, and mental space- no decisions, no consumerism, no news – for 30 days.  At least.  This may be my new lifestyle.

I’ll explain below- this is just to put it in writing and get it out there for accountability and informational reasons.

Occasionally, I have “what’s working, what’s not working” meetings with myself. After the last one, I had a firm feeling that 1) I needed to think about this and 2) there were some things I needed to clean up in my life.

1. Personal – Betsy and I got married. Wedding pic below. Keep reading to discover why we would do such a thing.

2. Health – it’s time for intentional living. Intentional diet. Intentional activity. Like many Americans, I’ve been coasting on automatic pilot for decades, and it’s not been good for my health. My research leads me to a belief that a plant-based diet that excludes grain, a moderate alcohol intake, and regular exercise is the best for me.

3. Mental health – again, like many Americans, I can get dazzled by material possessions and the hamster wheel of success. This is not conducive to intentional living. I don’t believe that whatever power put us on the planet did so so that we could spend our brief visit chasing the latest shiny objects.

What is important? How shall we spend our time? Scheming how to make the money to buy the next distraction? That’s insane. What does sanity look like?

4. Economic health – time is money. Time is also irreplaceable, money and material possessions are easily replaced. Rather than focus on making more so I can consume more, I will consume less so I can spend less time making money – and being dazzled by consumer crap.

My goal is to pare my lifestyle down to the simplest, least cluttered model I can.

Pat O'Bryan wedding photo

Pat O’Bryan wedding photo

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