Rock Star Marketing

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You hear a lot about “Rock Star Marketing,” or “Market like a Rock Star” these days.

I got to hang out with a real Rock Star and talk marketing.

me with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

Pat O’Bryan and Billy Gibbons

Not surprisingly, I learned a lot about marketing from Billy Gibbons of ZZ top.  Would you like me to share it with you?

But first, how did I get to spend a day with Billy Gibbons? Read the rest of this entry »

The Right Tools for the Job

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It’s important to use the right tools for the job. Let’s look at the “inner game” applications of that?

Back in “the day,” I was a musician and hung out with a lot of musicians and other arty types. A lot of them had the mindset that it was noble to be poor. There was a fear Read the rest of this entry »

A life well misspent.

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This is a blog post about my extended adolescence as a musician. If you’d like to HEAR some of my music, click HERE.

Last weekend, I (with a little help) cleaned out the garage.

I came upon a box of pictures, and spent a few nostalgic hours
reliving my past.

I started my Portable Empire business in 2004. From 1970
through 2005, I pursued the muse more or less professionally-
with various side-trips
as a waiter, accountaint, recording studio owner, liquor
store manager, real estate agent… but, no matter what I
was doing, I thought of myself as a musician, and spent
the weekends playing music somewhere.

I guess you could blame it on the beatles. Or the older
kids across the street. They had a garage band that
practiced- wait for it- in their parent’s garage. Right
across the street from my house.

Although I started taking piano lessons when I was 8,
I didn’t fall in love with the muse until I was ten or so.
For the next forty years, I chased that muse across three
continents and over a dozen countries.

Join me for a trip down memory lane to see just how
long you can actually extend an adolescent fantasy.

Well, maybe not you. You’re probably smarter than I am. Let’s examine how long I pulled it off.

playing a wedding at 17. I’d been playing bars
in East Texas- up and down Hwy 59, Wayside
Drive in Houston, Spencer Hwy in Pasadena,
for a couple’a years at this point.

pat o'bryan playing piano- age 16ish

slight detour- Laser Magic, the first laser
light-show in Texas. I was co-owner and
program director.
pat o'bryan laser magic

1978? Cactus Rose Band, Huntsville, Tx.
cactus rose band

1970′s? Fire Creek Band, same club, different name.

FireCreek band

1970′s, Austin.

pat o'bryan on stage - 70's

pat o'bryan 70's 2

In 3rd Coast Sound recording studio, 1980-ish, recording
“Queen of the Rodeo,” and “Louisiana Lady.” Those songs
were regional hits- i still get miniscule royalty checks for
them. Occasionally. Lots of radio play in places like Odessa,

Actually, there isn’t any place quite like Odessa, Texas.

Lots of airplay in regional markets that don’t report to

pat o'bryan - 3rd coast studio

Recording Session at Wink Tyler’s studio. Over the years,
I played on hundreds of records- none of which you’ve
ever heard of.

pat o'bryan - studio 70's

I played with Hank Thompson on a flat-bed truck at a rodeo
in Snook, Texas.

He blew me off the stage- who knew he could actually play

pat o'bryan and hank thompson

With “Fools,” probably at the “Too Bitter” club in San Marcos, Tx.

Fools was managed by the same outlaw who managed ZZ Top,
and opened for Cheap Trick, Heart, ZZ Top, Climax Blues Band, etc.

Lots of miles. No money.

pat o'bryan at too bitter club

On stage at the Armadillo World Headquarters.

pat o'bryan at armadillo world headquarters

My favorite gig- the W.C. Clark Blues Review. Playing with
W.C. gave me the opportunity to play with a lot of my
heroes like Hubert Sumlin, the Fabulous T-Birds,
Stevie Ray Vaughn, and on and on.

We would play Antone’s on Thursday nights, and the
blues bands who were booked for the weekend would
come to town early to hang out with Clifford Antone.

They’d go into Clifford’s office, get high, and want to
jam. I wish I’d kept a record of who-all I jammed with
there… but, I spent a little time in that office, too.

This is at the Austin Opry House- we’re opening for BB King.

pat o'bryan texas opry house 1

pat o'bryand and b.b. king

Booker T. Jones came out to see the WC Clark band at
the Back Stage club.

booker t. autograph

the WC Clark Blues Review.

pat o'bryan texas opry house 2

pat o'bryan at texas opry house 3

In Houston, around 1990, at Pearl’s Cotton Club.

pat o'bryan at pearl's

Playing a concert, somewhere in Houston.

pat o'bryan in concert- houston

Promo picture for my alter-ego, Sideways Sumlin.

Sideways has had a good career for a guy who doesn’t exist.

Google him. You’ll be amazed. I am.

I recorded one CD as Sideways Sumlin, called “Sideways
Sumlin’s Greatest Hits Volume 2.” It’s big in Japan.

pat o'bryan is sideways sumlin

1998ish. Promo pics for “Trains and Angels.” T & A was by
far my best and most popular CD. You can still find copies
on Amazon or eBay. Or

pat o'bryan trains and angels promo pic 1

pat o'bryan t/a promo pic 2

Recording “Trains and Angels.” That’s the late Stephen Bruton,
who was a joy to know. He’d played with Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, and many other stars.

Great player. Good guy.

pat o'bryan and stephen bruton

stephen bruton

David Grissom also contributed to “Trains and Angels.”

He’s played with everybody from John Cougar to the Dixie Chicks.

A class act and amazing guitar player.
pat o'bryan and david grissom

Early 90′s. Gruene Hall.

pat o'bryan band at gruene hall

This is what the last set looks like, folks.

Not pretty.

pat o'bryan - last set sweat

On the radio in Monterrey, Mexico, with Andres Cantisani.

The radio station is at the University in Monterrey, which is
a modern, technologically advanced place. Blew my
stereotypes away.

BTW, Monterrey is very much a blues town.
pat o'bryan - mexican radio

There’s this little bar in the mountains outside Monterrey…

We were driving on a dirt road in a 4-wheel drive truck between the mountains
outside of Monterrey, and we saw this “Pepsi” sign. It marked
a little trail that led up a mountain.

Adult beverages were being consumed, so it made sense to
follow the trail, which led to the most unlikely beer-joint in
the galaxy. The guy who owned it (middle) played us old
Mexican folk songs. We played him some blues.

More adult beverages were consumed.

That night there was a full moon, and I stood on the
back bumper of the truck as we drove home through the
mountains, and that moon turned the mountains
bright silver. Gorgeous.

pat o'bryan - cantina

Monterrey- the barrio antigua. There is no roof… playing under
the stars.

pat o'bryan live in mexico 1

pat o'bryan live in mexico 2

Cibilo Creek Country Club.
pat o'bryan band at cibilo creek country club

“Stau.” That means “traffic jam.”

The autobahn in Germany is a hiway where you can
drive real fast. Sometimes. It’s also a hiway where
you can spend hours not going anywhere at all.

On the way to a gig in Germany.
traffic jam

3,000+ happy people at the Zweibelmarkt Fest in Weimar.

pat o'bryan weimar crowd

This is my drummer’s bathroom.

Old East German phone booth.

No heat.


German reviews. They tell me they’re good ones.
pat o'bryan german press 1

pat o'bryan german press 2

During this period of time, I was on the road a lot.

Made no money at all, but got to see the world. Recommended.

Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Holland,

This is London. England was pretty rough on me.

After the tour, I was robbed. The “herberts nicked
my gear.” I lost 2 guitars, my passport, and all the
money from the tour.

It was an inside job. I know who did it.

Looking forward to talking to him soon. ;)

pat o'bryan in london

Promo pic- Germany. Who is that guy?

pat o'bryan in the garden

Taking the blues to Germany.

pat o'bryan band germany 1

The Fabrik club. Always a good time.

pat o'bryan band fabrik

Outdoor show- Germany.

pat o'bryan band germany 2

Playing the Zweibelmarkt Festival, in Weimar, Germany. Very historic. Goethe, Schiller, etc.

pat o'bryan band germany 3

Hamming it up at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin.

pat o'bryan checkpoint charlie

My posters on the street in Berlin.

pat o'bryan posters berlin

“Unplugged” at a local bar.

pat o'bryan unplugged

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. ;)

Thanks for playing.

Stay tuned for Niches 101!

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